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LOTi Co., Ltd.
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Around the world, 3D printing technology is being recognized as a key technology for manufacturing innovation, and investments in the 3D printing industry are increasing to strengthen national competitiveness. With the recent rapid development of 3D printing technology, its application in high value-added industries such as the aerospace industry is expanding.

We are manufacturing low oxygen high flowability titanium alloy powders with uinque deoxidation and innovative surface modification technologies to improve the competitiveness of titanium alloy powder for 3D printing. The deoxidation and surface modification heat treatment is also attracting attention as a technology that can be applied to the recycling of used powders with increased oxygen and decreased flowability due to repeated use in 3D printing process. 

We will continue to develop and commercialize our technology so that Korea wedevelop into a powder material leader for 3D printing industry. We look forward to your continued interest. Thank you.


Jaewon Lim

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