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LOTi Co., Ltd.
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Welcome to LOTi Co.,Ltd.
LOTi (Low Oxygen Titanium), founded in January 2021,

is a Chonbuk National University faculty start-up company specializing in manufacturing world-class low-oxygen, high-flowability titanium alloy powders for 3D printing with more than 10 years of proprietary titanium deoxidation and surface modification technology.


Oxygen is a major impurity in titanium and is the basis of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, and an increase in oxygen content is inevitable

in the manufacturing and processing of spherical powders for 3D printing. In addition, the 3D printing process requires high flowability of the powder, and the flowability of the powder greatly affects the spreadability of the powder during the PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) process.

Therefore, additional deoxidation and surface modification of spherical powders after gas-atomizer is required to produce low-oxygen and high-flowability titanium alloy powders with oxygen content below 800 ppm.

LOTi Co., Ltd.  solid-phase deoxidation and surface modification technology is unique in the world to produce low-oxygen and high-mobility titanium alloy powders below 800 ppm. 

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LOTI Co.,Ltd.

3DP Low oxygen, High flowability titanium alloy powder for additive manufacturing

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