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About us

Loti History

- January, Established LOTI Co.,Ltd. as a professor startup company

- July, Selected as an early startup package project by the Korea Startup Promotion Agency

- July, 2021 Selected as a Tech Valley Company by the Technology Guarantee Fund

- November, elected as a stepping stone for startup growth technology development project (first step, second step)

- December, Signed a technology transfer agreement (Jeonbuk National University → LOTi Co., Ltd.)

: Secured 8 patent applications/registrations and 2 PCT applications related to Titanium solid phase deoxidation technology


- November, Headquarters relocation 

  (Jeonbuk National University → Jeonbuk Technopark Technoville B)


- January, Attracted investment from Korea Technology 

  Finance Corporation (1 million $)

- March, Acquired a certification as

   a company - affiliated research center

- March, Member of 3D Printing Research Association

- March, Acquired Venture Company certificate

- June, Attracted investment from the Technology

  Guarantee Fund (KRW 1 billion)

- September, Headquarters relocation

 (Jeonbuk Techno Park Technoville B → 85 Wonsindeok-gil,

   Wansan-gu, Jeonju)

- Attracted investment from Blissvine Ventures Co., Ltd.  

  and Selected for the TIPS Technology Startup Company



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